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Selective Electroplating by TEI Auckland

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Mobile selective electroplating for metal repairs and protective coatings

TEI Auckland Ltd brings selective electroplating (brush plating) to your workshop or worksite, anywhere across the Auckland region. We also have a fully equipped workshop on 172 Station Road, Penrose, where metal repairs can be carried out. Please call Pete on 021 326 289 for details.

Our process is a portable method of electroplating metal componentry. The atomic bond created between the applied coating and the component’s base material is equivalent to the cohesive strength of the base material itself. In fact, very often the application will produce a deposit that has better performance characteristics and is more durable than the original component surface.

Selective electroplating can also be used for preventing corrosion of metal surfaces.


What Is Selective Electroplating?

Originally developed in France circa 1938, selective electroplating–or brush plating–is an electrochemical process specifically designed to be a portable and versatile method of electroplating (coating metal components). Brush plating is performed on localised areas and does not require immersing the part in large tanks of chemicals.

Selective electroplating has been used for the repair and for OEM applications over a wide range of industries from offset printing and manufacturing to aviation and marine.

Why replace your expensive metal componentry when you can repair it with our mobile selective electroplating service.

Print cylinders/offset printer drums
Chrome ram damage
Spear damage
Scores, dings, nicks and scratches

Shaft seal damage
Worn journals
Corrosion repair
Hoist cylinder damage

In-situ electroplating (very large parts)
Forklift mast and steering damage
Dump truck suspension cylinders and hoists

Replacement parts can be costly and with our mobile electroplating service, replacing your metal componentry is often unnecessary!

Call Pete today on 021 326 289.

Because time is money…

Call Pete before you scrap or replace your metal component. Pete Adams is an experienced electroplating technician who can answer your questions and provide support for specialised metal repair problems. With a lightweight powerpack, advanced brush plating technology and a wealth of experience, Pete can be onsite and have you operational again with a minimum of downtime.

An Introduction to Selective Electroplating

Metal repair? Yes, we can!

TEI Auckland’s brush plating service is fully mobile, so we can perform the service at your location. Offering over 100 different deposits of pure metals and alloy coatings, our selective electroplating service can be applied to virtually all common metals and alloys.

Approved through numerous commercial, industrial and military specifications.

Provides coatings of pure metals and alloys, plus hard chrome.

Portable alternative when a stationary part is too difficult or costly to move.

Pinpoint localised plating without excessive masking.

Process with excellent adhesion and little or no need for finishing.

Plating you can count on anywhere, anytime.